VEDIC, Kangri, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, 249404 India.



  1. What is VEDIC and how it’s different from others ?
    VEDIC, THE ISLAND RETREAT is an upcoming world class five star luxurious centre for spiritual, mental, physical wellness, leisure, holistic healings like aura, chakra, pranic, etc and adventure activities in an organised way collectively at one place. This is one of its own kind and first time across the Globe that you can find all the services together. VEDIC is located in the midst of lap of holy river GANGA at DEV BHOOMI HARIDWAR, Uttrakhand, India.

  2. What do you mean by isolated island ?
    By Isolated Island we mean that VEDIC is situated on a proper island which is cut off from the main land and not at all connected directly with any road.

  3. If it is an island how do we reach there ?
    From any part of the world we can reach Kangri, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by different means of transport like roadways, railways and airways. After reaching Kangri, Haridwar we will escort you to VEDIC Island by crossing a distance of 700 mtrs of river GANGA by our own personal means of transport. At Present by boats and water rafts and in near future by Amphibious vehicles, all terrain vehicles, ropeway and flying pods ( big 2 seater drones).

  4. It says VEDIC RETREAT coming soon – what is the construction stage of VEDIC RETREAT ?
    We have acquired the land completely and having full possession as on date. Compound wall upto 7 feet height has been completed with stone masonry with electric security wire over it. 4 suits of approx. 600 sqfts each has been developed and furnished for visitors with facility of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Construction Developments can be seen by visiting site or on website and face book page which will be updated regularly from time to time. We have already mobilised the team and machinery required and the construction has been started.

  5. What is the construction and completion plan of VEDIC ?
    We have already established the basic infrastructure and started the construction and landscaping work. We have planned the project in 3 phases mentioned below:- Phase 1: Out of 47 acres we will be developing 10 Acres with all types of required residential rooms and units mentioned in our brochure. 1 multi cuisine restaurant out of 4 will be functional with required common areas and facilities. Phase II: Development of another 10 Acres with more of accommodations, Jain Restaurant, few accommodations for old age home, amphitheatre and some adventure activities. Phase III: Complete 47 acres of landscaping and construction with all types of accommodations, restaurants, common facilities, pool, all types of transport facilities and lot of adventure activities as shown in the brochure.

  6. It says 47 acres of land on an island of 500 acres – what do you mean by that ?
    VEDIC is built on 47 acres of land which is a part of a large 500 acres of island covered and surrounded by Himalayan foothills, unexplored reserved forest and wild life. This complete island is not connected to mainland or road, we need to cross the river to reach the VEDIC.

  7. If it’s an island how safe is VEDIC during floods and river overflowing period ?
    Ans: VEDIC is located at such a level above river GANGA where never even in history water has reached. River stream which is flowing around VEDIC has a barrage behind to control and regulate the water flow. Moreover VEDIC is safeguarded with 27 large stone retaining walls which can be seen on google satellite view. These retaining walls cover VEDIC to the extent that water can never ever over the land in any circumstances.

  8. If VEDIC is surrounded with forest how safe it is from wild animals ?
    Ans: As VEDIC has the compound wall up to 7 feet height hence it is very difficult for animals to access the campus. We have adequate trained security guards to safeguard the campus. Also VEDIC will be completely under CCTV surveillance.

  9. As you say that VEDIC is a trust, what do you mean by that ?
    VEDIC is a wellness retreat where we take care and serve each and every age category for there wellbeing. With the aim to expand the awareness and wellness services widely across the globe. We decided to start VEDIC in a trust (Mahadevi Sharma Memorial Charitable Trust). We got this trust registered in June 2002 and doing several social welfare services and activities since then. We earn and serve under privileged segments for their requirements.

  10. Do you have Tax Exemptions in the trust ?
    The Trust Registration no. 2409; Dated 15/06/2001 . We have 80G and 12 A Tax Exemptions from the Income Tax Department. When you become a family member and get associated and make any payment to our trust you will be entitled for 80G tax exemption.

  11. What are the different packages available for membership?
    Ans: Membership packages are all mentioned with details on the website. For further queries you can mail us at call or whatsapp on +91 8860 961 961.

  12. What are the payment plans for the membership ?
    Payment plans are all mentioned with details on the website. For further queries you can mail us at call or whatsapp on +91 8860 961 961 .

  13. Once I become a member, then when can I avail the services ?
    Member can avail the services after 100% payment of membership fees. Terms & conditions apply for further queries mails us on

  14. Why should I become a member today, what are the advantages ?
    We suggest not to miss the opportunity to become a VEDIC family member to get privilege of certain benefits like:-
      1) Membership price will be increased to 3-4 folds in just few months.
      2) Initial members will be entitled for one week complimentary stay during wellness retreat and culture exchange period (November 2018 till March 2019). For further details mails us on
     3) Initial members will be entitled for a discount of 25% at each and every paid services at VEDIC for full term of membership. Which can be withdrawn at any point of time in later stage.

  15. Is the membership transferrable/saleable ?
    Yes, subject to 5% of transfer charges / administrative charges on the membership price applicable from time to time.

  16. If we do not avail our stay during the year then how it works?
    Monetisation of unused time share is possible subject to surrender letter / intimation 3 months before the completion of the annual cycle. For more queries mails us on

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