VEDIC, Kangri, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, 249404 India.


Retirement home at VEDIC is intended to give inhabitants an unwinding yet organized life. All endeavours are made to safeguard that the inhabitants live respectively as a solitary family. “VEDIC” is additionally worried about the situation of more seasoned people living in the region.Keeping in see their predicament, the ” RETIREMENT HOME” has chalked out different projects wherein more established individuals will be given physiotherapy and restorative consideration, other than pharmaceuticals and amusement activities.








A special diet regime needs to be followed when it comes to feeding the old aged people. At Retirement Home we will be taking care of this fact and putting forward the best diet that suits old age. A balanced diet will be provided in a way that perfectly benefits these people. Diet which is rich in Calcium, Proteins & Vitamins and Low on Fat will be provided too, for a fit and healthy living of our people.

We understand the significance of hygiene and it reflects in our services. We will maintain a very regular routine in order to have good hygienic conditions, diapers will be regularly changed, bedsheets and blankets will be properly cleaned and consistently changed. RO water system will be installed so the drinking water is pure. The hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen will also be taken care of really well. A clean and homely atmosphere will be provided for our elderly.

We are highly conscientious when it comes to the medical health of the old aged people staying at VEDIC. So we will be having very efficient medical facilities to ensure the best health of our people. Qualified Doctors will be associated at VEDIC in case of any immediate needs. A team of special, highly qualified Doctors visit’s at Vedic for weekly checkups will be scheduled. Blood Test will be done regularly. This will help them in dealing with the old age diseases in a better manner. We will also provide Physiotherapy which is extremely helpful to the people suffering from fractured legs, bone or muscle break, paralysis and especially Arthritis. This helps in easing the pain without the harmful side effects of consuming pain killer.

Our staff will consist of highly dedicated people who are sensitive, and sentimental towards the old aged and can take care of them like their own family.

We will be having TV’s setup at VEDIC Retirement Home for our elderly family. We will be having special arrangements for conducting yoga classes, recreational centres. Bhajan Sandhyas will be organized and devotional singers will also be invited for short performances with the purpose of bestowing these people with some great time. A “Sarv Dharm Prarthna Sthal” is a prayer place that is set up inside the Vedic where prayers take place.

We will be having our own Physiotherapy set up with latest equipments.

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