No living creature on this planet calls it’s mother, “Maa”,

except a calf (a baby cow) and a human being Goshala, a Sanskrit word (“Go” means cow and “Shala” means a shelter place: Go + Shala = shelter for cows), means the abode or sanctuary for cows, calves and oxen. Apart from providing sanctuary, the Goshala also rescues the animals.

In order to save cows from slaughtering, at VEDIC we have started Gaushala to protect and feed desi cows in this Gaushala.

We will be using the cow produce and products at VEDIC itself.



  1. Cow Management and Infrastructure development
  2. Expansion, Feed Management And Storage
  3. Hospital, Panchgavya & Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  4. Biogas & Bio fertilizer Plants
  5. A2 Milk Production And Breed Improvement of Indigenous Breed