Swastik Fine Dine

Restaurant at Vedic

Swastik Fine Dine serves you the nearby luxuries cooked to flawlessness. You can browse a variety of territorial indulgences at 5 Star Restaurant, our natural nourishment claim to fame eatery. In the event that you long for the common place, gourmet experts at 5 Star Restaurant serve multi-food treats as well.


For visitors on a wellbeing program, menus are set up according to Ayurvedic principles. As indicated by Ayurveda everything is made out of the five components of air, space, fire, water and earth, including our bodies. The three body writes are a blend of these – Vata constitutes air and space – Pitta is comprised of flame and water – and Kapha is water and earth. Vata body writes slender towards light and dry sustenances. So as to adjust this, slick, damp and substantial nourishments, with tones of sweet, harsh and salt should be added to the eating regimen. Conversely, Pitta body composes require cool and overwhelming sustenances with sweet, intense and impactful flavors to dowse the fire. Essentially, Kapha body composes require light sustenance with intense, sharp and astringent flavors.