Nirvana Spiritual Retreat


Nirvana Spritual Retreat spans about 2000 acres and boders the World Heritage Barrington Tops National Forest. The private rainforest property is the last green belt in the legendary Gondwana Rainforest. The Dilghry river (One of the cleanest rivers in inland Australia forms one boundary of the Nirvana Spritual Retreat.

384JEMS CREEK RD COBARK NSW 2422. Apart from this there are numerous creeks that flow through the property. The property is home to 300 species of birds, local plant and animal life.

This is the last of the green belt property in the area. The property is bordered by the Barrington Tops National forest and The Copeland State forests on 2 boundaries. There is a huge diversity of plant, animal and bird life that call the property home.





384 Jems Creek Road, Cobark, NSW 2422 . Nirvana Spritual Retreat is located 300 KMS North west of Sydney CBD. The closest town is Gloucester (population 2500), which is connected by train service from Sydney. The property is located 43 KMS from Gloucester through the Copeland State forest. The road is black topped all way. The last 5 KMS to the retreat is graded and maintained by the Gloucester council.