This is a remarkable treatment in the exploration of Ayurveda. It keeps the body youthful and deft even after one has passed his/her childhood. Charaka says this treatment expands one’s life expectancy by numerous years. It upgrades one’s vitality and is even known to have cured the wiped out. It additionally builds a solid individual’s psychological and physical capacities. It is known to have enhanced skin appearance and surface, regulates the voice and builds detecting limit of sense organs. Other advantages of restoration treatment are long life, increment in Memory, great wellbeing, youthful looks, gleaming skin, tweaked voice, tranquillity and protection from ailment.

In this distressing, over-occupied and harmful world, our characteristic wellbeing, joy and the inward feeling of prosperity are veiled by the gathering of pollutions. These polluting influences or poisons causes decay of ordinary body working. A revival treatment can rejuvenate faculties, detoxify the body, reestablish great wellbeing and youthful look and even increment protection from illnesses.


Crucial life constrain. When we mix every one of our cells with adoration, they are revived and invigorated. It includes kneading of the body with warm oil mixed with mending herbs and adjusting fundamental oils

The term ‘Shirodhara’ is gotten from the two Sanskrit words: ‘shiro’, which means head, and ‘dhara’, which means to stream. It includes the warm and unfaltering stream of sedated oils on the brow, all the more particularly on the “third eye.” The Vedas portray the third eye chakra or ‘Ajna’ as the entryway to higher awareness and illumination having profound otherworldly and psychosomatic centrality.

Podikizhi is an Ayurveda procedure of fomentation in which the entire body or certain parts of the body are incited and made to sweat, by the utilization of restorative powders. A warm endorsed blend of herbs tied in muslin pockets is delicately beat and squeezed into the skin by the advisors in a cadenced movement. The beating is joined by a synchronized back rub with home grown oils. Podikizhi is extremely viable in treating ‘Kapha-Vata’ overwhelming states of joint inflammation, back agony, loss of motion, and solid agonies.