The Sculptor & Founder of the VEDIC World.

Sculptor of VEDIC – Jayesh Sharma, founder is the conceptualizer and main architect of the idea around which Vedic revolves. The man with big dreams and zeal to fulfill. Belonging to a down to earth family he always showed practicality towards simple living and high thinking. His inclination to serve the society with a happy and healthy life gave birth to an idea of creating Vedic. A veteran of construction and real-estate industry Jayesh’s interests however and always lay in investigating the principle of the simple lifestyle followed by his family. Vedic is the outcome of his efforts in searching true characteristics of wellbeing of the society,in the fact that ultimate goal of the human life shall be wellbeing of self and society. He thought of developing and abode for wellness centre in Uttarakhand (Dev Bhoomi). Searching for such strategic location by the grace of god he reached Tapo Bhoomi – Haridwar, the most visited and acknowledged spiritual destination of the world. As destined he found an Island of 500 Acres where he could execute his vision in the form of Vedic. On this part of island he acquired a big chunk of land and slowly gradually started to develop his dream. Jayesh not only as a thinker but as a practitioner of the Veda way extents a heartfelt welcome to all.